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We are pleased to be the first, exclusive salon for luxury hair extension brand Hair Lingerie.  If you are looking for the World’s Best Hair, we invite you to book a complimentary consultation with us today.

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Hair Lingerie hair extensions have been worn and adored by A-List Celebrities and High-Net Worth Individuals around the globe. We take great pride in providing only the finest quality hair extensions and let our happy clients do the talking for us.

What we offer

Tape-IN extensions

Hair Lingerie Tape-In Extensions are the Gold Standard of hair extensions. They are the Original Tape-In method and literally the World’s Best Hair. The ease of application and removal, as well as their ability to keep your natural hair healthy while wearing them makes them the most sought after extensions on the market.

Hair Lingerie Tape-In Extensions are virtually invisible, blending the root of the panel to your scalp, seamlessly. The client never has to worry about their extensions being seen in public.
Maintenance for Tape-In Extensions will need to be scheduled every 5-8 weeks and usually takes less than 1 ½ hours according to your hair type and desired style.

Additionally, Hair Lingerie Tape-In Extensions are created to safely add volume to your hair in areas where most extensions will cause damage your natural hair. In most cases clients experience hair growth and repair from wearing Hair Lingerie.

Weft Extensions

Hair Lingerie Weft Extensions are the choice for clients with an extremely physical lifestyle or those clients who do not need a dramatic transformation. Weft extensions can be applied in several different techniques depending on your hair type, density, texture and overall end result.

Maintenance for Weft Extensions will need to be scheduled every 8-10 weeks and usually takes less than 1 ½ hours according to your hair type and desired style. Additionally, Hair Lingerie Weft Extensions are created to safely add thickness to your hair in the middle and ends of your hair style and are perfect for lower maintenance clients.

CLIp-IN Extensions

Hair Lingerie Clip-In Extensions combine the World’s Best Hair and the ease of an at-home install. Clip-Ins are ideal for clients who want to add length or thickness quite often for special events or for a more dramatic look.

Clip-Ins are easy to apply and remove, and require minimal maintenance. Hair Lingerie Clip-in Extensions can be custom colored, permed, straightened and cut to match your hair identically. In addition, our Team will walk you through the process of putting in and taking out your Clip-Ins at home as well as a variety of styles you can easily achieve when wearing them.

The Process

Hair Lingerie is the ultimate experience. It is worn by the top celebrities of the world It’s the unique feeling of getting perfect hair, masterfully created especially for you. Discover why.

The team

The Hair Lingerie Specialists behind the world renown hairstyles


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