step 1: consultation

Available in the Hair Lingerie Studio or virtually over video chat.

Each Consultation is 30 minutes, fully dedicated to getting to know your lifestyle, your hair specifics, and the overall look you’re wanting to achieve.

We will see your existing hairstyle, determine custom coloring, extension length, and amount of hair extensions needed for installation.

step 2: PRICING

During the consultation, we will give an accurate quote for initial install and the on-going Maintenance or “Move-Up” process.

New Hair Lingerie Hair Extensions can last from 6 to 18 months, depending on hair quality selected. Proper care and scheduled, consistent move ups will ensure you get the maximum wearing time from your Hair Lingerie Hair Extensions.

We will answer all your questions, process the deposit for the cost of the hair (this deposit is non-refundable).

step 3: initial install

Once your deposit has been processed we will book the appointment for your Initial Hair Lingerie Hair Extension application.

The service cost of your appointment to have your extensions applied will be due the day of your appointment along with any other charges for additional services rendered that day.

Please come with clean, dry, un-styled hair. Your first time appointment will be 1-2 hours. The Hair Lingerie application is customized to your head shape, hair type and your specific lifestyle. Application of Hair Lingerie Extensions will be followed by a shaping and blown out style.

Upon completion of your Hair Lingerie Install, we will book your “Move-Up” appointment for approximately 5-8 weeks from your Install appointment. This includes maintenance on your extensions, a deep conditioning treatment, blow out, style and shaping of extensions and your natural hair as needed.

step 4: Move up

Your appointment to have your Hair Lingerie extensions removed and reinstalled will be scheduled every 5-8 weeks. This includes maintenance on your extensions, a deep conditioning treatment, blow out, style and shaping of extensions and your natural hair as needed.

The service cost of your Move-Up appointment will be discussed with you at your consultation and Initial Install.

Please come with clean, dry, un-styled hair. Your average appointment will be 1-2 hours. Your natural hair will be protected and all hair extensions will be gently removed. Your own hair will be shampooed thoroughly followed by a complimentary conditioning treatment and scalp massage.  After rinsing, your hair will be dried and Hair Lingerie Extensions reapplied. We will finish with a blow out and shape everything together into your unique style.

please note:

If you need to color your roots colored before the 5-8 week extension move up, it is completely safe to touch-up your root color or cover your grey regrowth while extensions are in.

hair lingerie pricing

Hair Lingerie is sold per pack. The average number of Packs needed to achieve these looks are as follows:

Add Fullness: 1-2 packs
Add Length: 2-3 packs
Add Extreme length and fullness: 3+ packs

Cancellation policy:
Cancellation under 24hr will result in a 50% charge of scheduled services. No call, no show will result in a 100% charge of scheduled services.

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