ryan sanger offers

Shadow Days $2,000/day
$1,100 for Hair Lingerie Certified Specialist
with Kiara Bailey referral.

One on one education $500/hr

Education Testimonials

“I was at a point in my career where I was ready to absorb more extension knowledge and immediately thought of Ryan Sanger. Upon arrival, I walked into an impeccably organized, clean space with an inviting, alluring aroma.

My initial intent was to understand how to blend a dense natural hair line when adding long extensions. However, after my shadow day, I knew this coaching experience would be one of the pivotal parts of my career.

Ryan teaches so effortlessly that you forget you are learning, and immediately feel "at home." As a result of my shadow day, my income has increased partly because of the information I learned, and I can never thank Ryan enough.”
- Amber Mayo, Gainesville, VA

I had the incredible opportunity 6 months ago to fly from Kentucky to California to shadow Ryan Sanger for the day in his studio. He prepared his day in a way that I would receive the most value possible, while also leaving plenty of time for specific questions and demos. I learned his coloring technique for quick and efficient color blends on extensions. Seeing how he approaches a brand new extension install was eye opening.

Less is more when it comes to the believability of hair extensions! Being immersed in an elevated space, with Ryan and his clients, allowed me to realize the many areas that I could bring more value to my own clients.

Not only was I able to recoup my money from this trip instantly by putting his advice into practice, but now I have an even stronger foundation to carry me forward into the rest of my career as a hair extension specialist. Ryan is a wealth of knowledge, and I highly recommend his shadow program if you’re given the opportunity!!
- Nadia Moore, Louisville, Kentucky

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